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UltraVet's  Cardiac and Respiratory Clinic

Welcome to our cardiac and respiratory clinic !

Over last few years we have found out that there is a need for better and easily accessible cardiology and respiratory diagnostics for dogs and cats. We decided to meet our clients’ expectations and open a complex diagnostic service for animals struggling with cardiac, lower and upper airway diseases.

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Cardiac and respiratory problems can present in a very similar way, causing among others breathing problems, coughing and exercise intolerance. Advanced diagnostic techniques are needed to reach final diagnosis and adjust the treatment. Diagnostic testing includes frequently a combination of chest x-rays, cardiac ultrasound (echocardiography), ECG (electrocardiogram), Holter examination, upper and lower airway endoscopy and blood pressure measurement.

Heart diseases in dogs and cats - read more

Respiratory tract diseases in dogs and cats read more



Cough, increased respiratory rate, breathing difficulties, loss of consciousness and lowered activity level Palvelumme: sydämen Our services: echocardiography (heart ultrasound), X-rays, ECG, Holter, blood pressure measurement

Respiratory tract diseases

Cough, problems breathing, increased respiratory rate, exercise intolerance

Our services: X-rays, thoracic ultrasound, blood sample, endoscopy (coming soon)

*if animal has a heart murmur additional cardiologic consultation might be needed 

Screening exams for breeding: the Finnish Kennel Club (PEVISA), Suomen Kissalliitto, PawPeds

We are approved by the Finnish Kennel Club for conducting official heart auscultations, ultrasound, Holter and EKG examinations, as well as official heart ultrasound examinations for cats (Kissaliitto, PawPeds).


Booking and Price list


020-7418535 (Mon - Fri: 10-18),

Internet booking and Prices - through UltraVet's website (only in Finnish):

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