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Eläinklinikka LOVET is a family owned small animal clinic, founded in 2015, situated in Loviisa Rauhala.

We love what we do and put a lot of effort to give our patients best care possible. We invest in further training for
our staff to provide our patients with latest up-to-date care standards. We continuously make improvements to our
and purchase modern equipment to assure highest level of medical care for our patients. We treat dogs,
cats, rabbits and small rodents. We focus on the well-being of our patients in all their life stages.

Available in our clinic, amongst others, the following diagnostic and care services and equipment:

  • Surgery room

  • Inhalatory anesthesia and monitoring units

  • Dental care (ultra-sonic cleaner, unit for other dental care, digital dental x-ray)

  • Digital radiography

  • Ultrasound for abdominal and cardiac ultrasound, biopsy sampling possibility

  • In-house laboratory (hematology, biochemistry, blood gases, coagulation, hormonal and urine analyzers)

  • Microscopy (dermatology, urine, blood, cytology)

  • Bacteriological and viral testing

  • ECG, Holter, Non-invasive blood pressure measurement

  • Eye examinations, including intraocular pressure measurement

  • High frequency K-Laser therapy unit (arthrosis, wound treatment)

  • Electrosurgical unit

  • Basic endoscopy unit

  • Day hospital unit (fluid pumps, oxygen therapy, monitoring equipment)

  • Cooperation with best referral laboratory services, including advanced histopathological and DNA testing

The clinic is located in a convenient area in Rauhala, next to K-market and Jäähalli. Available for our customers a
large parking area free-of-charge in front of the clinic.


Our well trained, experienced and customer friendly staff will take care of your pet’s health at best level.

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