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LOVETin Kasvattajaklubi

Welcome to LOVET's Breeder's Club!

Starting in april 2021 you can join LOVET as a breeder customer.

We wish to co-opeate with breeders more closely in the future

and therefore offer reproduction services at special member prices.

Membership is free of charge, but to keep the membership standing,

follow up of one pregnancy and the health check of the litter originating

from this pregnancy / calendar year needs to be with LOVET.

Special membership offer*:

Prengancy ultrasound: 87 EUR
Pregnancy x-ray: 89 EUR

Prengancy ultrasound + Pregnancy x-ray: 163 EUR
Progesterone test, 1. sample: 66
Progesterone test, next sample within same heat: 51 EUR
Herpes vaccination, first: 82
Herpes vaccination, second: 72 EUR

Health check up for litter: 50 EUR/first puppy + 10 EUR/each next puppy

(+25 EUR/microchipping)

*Prices mentioned above, package- as well as singular prices, are only valid if services are bought for one
bitch within one heat/pregnancy and the health check for the litter originating from this pregnancy is
carried out at our clinic.

Please feel free to contact us for further questions or if you wish to have an offer for a price package
especially designed for your needs!


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